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Thriving Dentist Show with Gary Takacs

Gary Takacs, host of the popular Thriving Dentist Show, shares insights to help you create a world-class practice. Listen in & create the practice of your dreams.

Feb 21, 2024

How do you find the right fit for your practice in today's competitive job market? Hiring quality team members, particularly those from outside the dentistry field, can be challenging, but it's crucial to the success of your practice.

Gary shares his insights and experiences on intentional hiring, identifying and attracting candidates who align with your practice's vision and values, and the untapped potential of individuals in customer-facing roles. He provides actionable insights on how dental practices can attract and retain top talent by rethinking job descriptions, advertising strategies, and engagement with potential candidates.

Whether you are experienced or new to the field, this episode provides insights on hiring and finding the right fit in today's job market.